Biography   RAS CHARMER

Curt-Chalmar Crutchley, a.k.a Ras Charmer (Ancient chant within natural charm.) was born in Kingston on the 19th of September (Zebulan), 1977, at the U.W.I. Hospital and attended Morant Bay, Oberlin and Kingston Tech. High Schools.

At an early age, Ras Charmer started singing at various events at churches, schools, concerts, etc. and was a member of an R&B singing group, up until after he left school. It was at this time when he moved on to become a true Rastafarian. That is when he began chanting sweet redemption music.

Ras Charmer joined Togetherness Records in 1998 and began his music career with them, recording many songs such as “Stars”, “Uprising”, “Togetherness”, “Roots”, “Black Star Liner” and “Woman Be Wise”, many of which are being played on local radio stations. Included is a new release that has been creating a buzz on the airwaves, a song called “Mama”. This, along with the other titles are all included on “No Mystery”, the debut album of Ras Charmer, soon be released on Platinum Groove (a subsidiary of Universal Records) and the Togetherness Labels.

“No Mystery” is a Roots Rocking album that should be owned by all reggae enthusiasts, locally or abroad, this album is sure to inspire young minds in a positive way.